Hot custom built bikes

A biker has a few things to show when taking the road, first of all, there are his clothes, then how he behaves and third - there is his bike. Having an amazing, decorated or even custom made bike is the first and biggest step to becoming a real biker. That is also the hardest one to achieve since there are not many out there available to buy and they are incredibly hard to make on your own. Firstly you will need to find someone who can actually assemble or customize such a thing, after that you need to find parts and have enough money for all of that.


These are the best ones

If you have ever asked yourself what does determine an incredible custom built bike, then here is the answer. First of all the uniqueness needs to be decided, after that the overall performance plays a huge role and at last it needs to be really hard or impossible to remake. If you have all three of these then you have an extraordinary bike, and you may be looking at millions of dollars.


The most impressive of the best ones is the Ducati 848, customized by Apogee Motoworks, it is often referred to as the only custom built bike that is capable of stopping the overall traffic at Rodeo Drive. The Diamond Atelier’s BMW R100R is the bike you should be looking for if you like gems. This one has a diamond on the top of the triple clamp and that does move the price a little up at least.


Rajputana Customs took a Harley-Davidson Street and made even more of it. There should be a rule that every Harley-Davidson needs to have a 'street' in the name. The Daryl Dixon Motorcycle by Classified Moto is the most famous custom made one you will see; it was built for the series Walking Dead and has a pretty unique look. Even though it looks like it is made out of garbage, there is much more to be experienced once you turn the beast on.

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